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Flood Insurance

Hurricane Harvey brought unprecedented rainfall last year, leading to flash floods throughout Texas and the surrounding states. Such major flooding events can wreak untold havoc on your home ‐ damage that a standard homeowners insurance policy won't cover.

If you want to protect your home against floods, you'll need flood insurance. The local agents at Norment & Landers Insurance can help you choose flood insurance coverage that works best for your home and its belongings.

Determining Your Need for Flood Insurance

Your home's risk for flooding depends on several factors but living in an area deemed at-risk for a 100-year or 500-year flood is a major factor. If your home falls in a flood zone on FEMA's Flood Insurance Rate Map, then there's a good chance you'll need flood insurance coverage. Even if you live in an area where flooding risks are minimal, by having a flood insurance policy, it can protect you against rare and unforeseen flooding.

Although the state of Texas does not make having flood insurance coverage mandatory, your home lender may require coverage according to the terms of your mortgage. 

What Flood Insurance Covers

What your flood insurance policy covers depends on the type of coverage you choose. Most policies include coverage for the following:

  • Building and structural components, including the foundation and detached garages
  • Basic home systems, including electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems
  • Appliances including refrigerators, dishwashers, and water heaters
  • Permanently installed fixtures and decor, including carpeting, paneling, cabinets, and bookcases

Personal contents that aren't already covered by your existing homeowner's insurance may be covered under contents coverage. Your flood insurance policy may also include the cost of items used to safeguard your home against imminent flooding, including sandbags, and other barriers.

Contact us at Norment & Landers Insurance today and speak to one of our insurance specialists. We can help you get a flood insurance policy that protects your home and property.