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Umbrella Insurance

Are you interested in increasing your liability coverage you have for your home, auto, boat, or other policy?  An umbrella may be the best option for you. At Norment & Landers Insurance, you have access to umbrella insurance coverage, which increases the liability coverage for your other policies to higher limits. This way, you'll have the added peace of mind you're always protected, no matter what happens.

Is Umbrella Insurance Right for You?

One of the first questions you need to answer is whether or not you need umbrella insurance. Typically, the more you make and the more you are worth, the greater your need for umbrella insurance. Norment & Landers Insurance can help you determine whether or not this is the right kind of coverage you need.

Umbrella Insurance Coverage

This kind of insurance coverage provides you with added liability insurance. An Umbrella policy will provide liability coverage above the existing liability limits on your auto or home policy.  This way, if you need to cover legal fees or other damages above your existing liability limits, the umbrella insurance will kick in and provide you with the necessary protection required.

Added Protection for Your Valuables

Umbrella insurance doesn't just cover one kind of investment. It covers a wide spectrum of what you own. This includes everything from your home to your car to your motorboat, RV, and a host of other items you might own. The added liability insurance is often a wise investment. If you're curious about whether you need it and whether it will provide you with the kind of protection you need, talk it over with your Norment & Landers Insurance agent.

With just one phone call, the team at Norment & Landers Insurance will discuss your need for umbrella insurance.  Reach out to our agents for more information and a quote.