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Medicare Supplement

Why choose Medicare Supplement?

Because Original Medicare pays for only about 80% of your coverage.

Medicare Supplement (also known as Medigap) covers things that Original Medicare doesn’t, like copays, deductibles, and coinsurance (Need to know more about copays, deductibles and coinsurance?  It does all this with a steady, predictable, monthly bill you can budget for. And it can’t be cancelled. It will be renewed for as long as you pay your premium on time.

It's a great fit if!

  • You have or are planning to enroll in Original Medicare (Parts A and B).
  • You want more coverage than Part A and Part B give.
  • You’d rather pay a monthly, predictable bill than have to pay out of pocket for a large, unexpected medical bill.
  • You want to see any doctor who accepts Medicare — and you want to see them without a referral.
  • You want the peace of mind that your insurance can’t ever be cancelled, as long as you don’t miss a premium

Plans start as low $41.00 per month

When can I apply for Medicare Supplement Insurance?

Your open enrollment period starts when you turn 65 or when you first sign up for Part B. It lasts for 6 months. This is the best time to sign up, because you’ll get the best possible rate and can’t be denied for a pre-existing condition. After this 6-month window closes, you can still apply but the insurance company may use medical underwriting. There is also the possibility that you could be denied.

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