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Home Insurance

How Does Homeowners Insurance Help You?

Your home is a considerable investment and having home insurance will help protect that investment. If your home is damaged in the event of a storm or a fire, or if someone is injured on your property and sues, insurance will help protect you.

What Factors Affect Home Insurance?

There are many factors that can affect homeowner’s insurance. Your home features and characteristics can affect your premiums. The location of your home can affect insurance coverage as well. If you install protective devices, such as burglar alarm systems, you could lower your premium. An agent at Norment & Landers Insurance can go over your options for insurance.

Are You Required to Have Homeowners Insurance?

You can technically own a home in Texas without homeowner’s insurance. However, if you have a mortgage on your home, then you will be required to have home insurance coverage. There are certain things like flooding and earthquakes that are not covered by homeowner’s insurance, but mortgage lenders can still require that you get additional coverage to protect against these perils. Once you pay off your mortgage, you don’t need to keep the insurance, but you should to protect your home.

Should You Do a Home Inventory?

When you get homeowners insurance in Texas, it is recommended you do a home inventory. A complete home inventory will help make any claims easier down the road. As part of your home inventory, you should make a list of all your possessions and describe each item. It’s important to list big-ticket items, which include jewelry, artwork, and other collectibles. Take pictures to make it easier to verify. Don’t store your home inventory list in the home. Make sure you keep it and any photos secure in a safety deposit box.

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